Bring back beavers! ~ Peter Cooper #RantsforChange No.11

In Exeter there is one keystone species that is missing, the beaver! Peter Cooper, Naturalist and Zoology undergraduate says lets make a strong decision and see beavers return to our British landscape. Who agrees?

Which animal would you re-introduce? Drop your ideas below.


One thought on “Bring back beavers! ~ Peter Cooper #RantsforChange No.11

  1. thegreennaturalist says:

    Extravagantly salute the idea of rewildlng, I would nominate the Lynx for reintroduction due to the great benefit in having this top predator in our environment, such as the control of certain populations of roe deer and also the control of other predators. It is also one of the most beautiful and powerful animals in the world in my opinion.


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