Calling all celebrities: Do more fore nature!

One of the things that I find quite strange is celebrities and the media. It’s all about image, money and status. Isn’t the world around us more important and interesting? Obviously, it’s not all of them, I’ve got lots of respect for people like Bill Oddie and the presenters behind Springwatch – people that ooze nature. There are others including Bill Bailey who love nature and aren’t “celebrities” (add here layers of sarcasm and one of Bill’s funny voices). Bill does a great sketch on worthless celebrities which is very funny!

What I am most annoyed about is that nature, especially British nature, doesn’t get much coverage on mainstream TV except for programmes like Springwatch, which should be on more often. For example, my Mum has talked about “The Really Wild Show”, a programme that she used to be glued to apparently when she was younger, (though I`ve a feeling Chris was the main reason for her watching it….), while my Dad used to really enjoy watching Animal Magic.

I can’t remember any good kid’s TV nature programmes that I could watch. If parents aren’t getting their kids outdoors then we need programmes to connect kids to nature. There are some great young naturalists out there that could do this. You do get coverage from time to time of iconic endangered species and the troubles they are facing – usually fronted by a nature legend like Sir David Attenborough. This is great.

But… when do you see mainstream celebrities speaking up for British wildlife? When do you see our birds or insects as part of mainstream TV? The only time I can really remember insects featuring on the TV is when people are being forced to eat them as part of a challenge for “celebrities” that are trying to get a bit more fame. I find that very sad. Why can’t Ant and Dec use their time to take up the cause of a struggling British species such as the water vole? Why not go and do a volunteering slot at a reserve to help water voles out? They’d certainly get a lot of respect for that… oh and help connect people with nature

Who wouldn`t want to see Beyoncé do a beach clean in her wellies and rubber gloves? Why can’t Simon Cowell make up for his enormous carbon foot print and being mean to the majority of people he sees in his programmes by doing something to help nature? I’d love to do a two-minute beach clean with either of them, and celebrities with name could really help highlight how dangerous plastic waste is to marine life.

Lord Sugar – why can’t we have a challenge for the people chasing his money that does something good for nature? Why not set them a challenge of recruiting members for our important nature charities? That would certainly test their sales skills, do some good for nature and promote great organisations!

Sadly, most of the time allocated across TV and the media disconnects people from what is important. I’d like to see more famous people speaking up for nature. Sportsmen, popstars, actors… couldn’t they be in the press for helping an animal instead of for their new dress, putting on a bit of weight, drinking too much or driving too fast?

Our nature celebrities do a great job but most of my classmates don’t know who any of them are. Nature needs us all and we all need nature, so here’s an ask to all you famous people with power behind your name: do your bit for nature before it is too late!

You can watch my Rant for Change on this topic below!

If you agree that celebrities should be doing more for nature, please comment below or share this with your followers!


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