100 Word Rants

Feel a bit self-conscious about creating a Rants for Change video? Don’t worry, why not have a go at writing a ‘100 Word Rant’ instead?

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I get frustrated when I hear organisations, the media and individuals blaming technology for our apparent disconnection from nature and the outdoors. To those of you who say ‘Ditch the screen and go green’ I say you are holding on too tight to the memory of yesteryear and the way we used to experience and … Continue reading Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander

The media are barely taking any notice of the Climate Change Marches prior to the start of the COP 21. Many activists see this as ‘The Last Chance Saloon’ to go ‘green’ to reduce the warming effect of greenhouse gases that threaten the future of current levels of life on earth. I am not sure … Continue reading Colette Nevin

Colette Nevin

Think about Wildlife for New Year and over Christmas. Please make a New Year’s Resolution to stand up for wildlife. The badger cull is cruel and hasn’t proved effective in controlling Bovine TB. Fox hunting is cruel and doesn’t control numbers of foxes. Stand up for nature when it needs you most.

Colette Nevin